[Viral Video]Specially-abled Zomato Delivery guy from Beawar Rajasthan has become an inspiration all over

Recently a video of a specially-abled Zomato delivery guy is doing the rounds on the internet, the video was posted by a twitter user Honey Goyal in which a Zomato delivery guy is seen riding a hand-powered tricycle for delivering food. The video was posted with the text ” #Zomato you keep rocking, you made my day, this man is the inspiration for all who thinks there’s life is screwed, please make this man famous”, the video quickly went viral all over the internet.

Below is the video & Tweet

Zomato also replied to the tweet

Who is the Differently abled Zomato delivery guy?

After the video went viral many people came up with the identity of this Zomato delivery guy and thus he got identified as Ramu who does Zomato delivery in Beawar district of Rajasthan. Many Twitter users lauded the spirit of Ramu and offered help to Ramu, the Twitter users tagged various automobile and specially-abled vehicle manufacturers to provide a motored vehicle for Ramu.

Ramu is an inspiration to many who give excuses of hurdles in life, there are many physically fit people who choose to not work and beg outside so it’s all about the strong will power and Ramu has proved he has got that!

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