This ED Sheeran, Shape Of You Version By Udaipurite Bharat Verma is Sheer Brilliance

Music knows no boundaries the same way music knows no instruments.A music lover can derive music from anything be it a table, bucket, oil drums and even body.Body percussion is one such form of music in which sound is created by utilizing human body like clapping, stomping, chest thumping, foot thumping, toe-tapping, thigh-slapping, grunting, tongue clicking etc. Bharat Verma, who is an ace choreographer created Bodypercussion version of the infamous song ‘Shape of You’ by the English Singer ED Sheeran.The video is beautifully shot in the ‘Celebration Mall’.The youngsters in cool attires, performing the dance synced with the satisfying clapping and thumping sound is a brilliant thing to watch so just watch the video below, keep your headphones or earphones plugged you would definitely love it.The video has received great response on the internet with more than 16k youtube views, 67k insta views and still counting.

Udaipur has a lot of young talent and we just wish them good luck, keep bringing laurels to the city.

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