A Tree Fell Crushing A Man On MG College Road, Dies

An Unfortunate accident took place on the 23rd May, Mr. Gulab Singh Rajput (48 years) didn’t have any idea that his final destiny is awaiting him at the Meera Girls Road. There was no wind, no storm, it was a regular sunny day, Mr. Gulab was riding on the scooter and as soon he reached the road near Lal Bagh Restaurant which leads to MG college one huge tree abruptly fell crushing Gulab Singh with his scooter.

Accident Spot

Mr. Gulab Singh was rushed to Maharana Bhopal hospital where he was declared dead.Mr. Gulab is a resident of Bedla, Udaipur and he operates two private schools.This accident highlights the life threatening factors in the city, administration should do an audit to identify the fragile poles, trees and other heavy things that can cause fatal accidents.