Best time to visit Udaipur -Weather Overview

Best time to visit Udaipur is often confused, as Udaipur is located in Rajasthan and it is often misunderstood that it falls in the desert area. Weather in Udaipur ,also called the city of lakes, is not as extreme as desert and is comparatively moderate than most cities in North India. Here is the monthly breakup of the weather in Udaipur which will help you decide on best time to visit Udaipur better:

November to February:

This is the winter season in Udaipur where the temperature will range from 6⁰C to 27⁰C(43⁰F-81⁰F) . The temperature will rarely drop below 8⁰C(47⁰F) during the peak winter time which is January otherwise the minimum temperature will be 10-12⁰C(50-54⁰F).

This season is the most favoured time by tourists so hotel rates are higher during this time. Other than the pleasant temperature it is favoured because of Christmas holidays and the Shilpgram fair takes place during this time.

March to June

These months mark summer in Udaipur. Summer can be very hot with temperature going as high as 45⁰ C(113⁰F). Going outdoor can be very difficult in the scorching heat so the tourist footfall is very less during this time. However the Mewar & Gangaur festival takes place during this time which is a cultural spectacle.

July to October:

Monsoon season in Udaipur renders the Aravalli mountains lush green. The monsoon season is very pleasant with temperature ranging from 16-35⁰C(61-95⁰F) and humidity is also less. Even though the city becomes scenic and the temperature is pleasant this is not the preferred time for tourists so this time is best for budget travellers.If you are a fan of road trips and rains you’ll enjoy being in Udaipur during monsoon. There is a palace named as monsoon palace(Sajjangarh) which was built by the king to enjoy the monsoon view of the city.

Weather in Udaipur

Weather in Udaipur