These dialogues depicting ‘Dad’s love in Udaipur’ on father’s day are hilarious and spot on

We hear a lot of scoldings and even receive beatings from our father, ‘Aane de tere papa ko’ is the the most dreadful warning from our mother but still our father plays a very important role, there is a lot of love and care behind his tough attitude. Here are some dialogues that most of us hear in Udaipur form our papa/bauji/dad and these dialogus are mostly heard in Udaipur, most of you will definitely relate to it.

1.The one who roams a lotfather's day

2.The one who has got long ‘Hairs’

3.The one who is crazy

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4.The one who is a big flirt

5.The one who is over smart

6.The one who is so casual

7.The one who is a rash driver


8.The one who is stubborn


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