‘Girl Fetus’ found in the gutter outside ‘Ashoka Cinema’ Udaipur,humanity ashamed yet again

A girl fetus was spotted by the people outside ‘Ashoka cinema’ in Udaipur on 21st october in the afternoon.According to one of the spectator Mohit Sanadhya, the fetus was matured(around 8 months), there were fresh blood stains at the spot and the fetus was thrown few hours ago into the gutter.He informed the police about the incident.The fetus was taken out and cleaned with the help of the cleaning staff of the cinema.

Here are the heart Wrenching pictures taken by Mohit Sanadhya.

girl fetus udaipur

The killing of ‘Girl Fetus’ for the desire of a boy has been going on since ages, even in the current era of technology and advancement there is no drastic advancement seen in the mentality of the people, still the desire of a boy is seen in the most well off and well educated families forget about the uneducated class.There are strict laws still such incidents are happening, it’s the people who need to understand that girl or a boy makes no difference, both needed for the humans to exist.We worship goddesses on Navratri and Diwali and murder the girls for the desire of a boy, this is hypocrisy.Kindly think about it and help to stop this crime, if someone from your friends/family thinking about committing this crime please don’t let this happen.