Know About Vinay Bhanawat who holds the World Record of most ‘786’ Currency Notes

People have hobbies but when their hobbies get transformed to the passion they do wonders such is the case with Mr. Vinay Bhanawat from Udaipur, Rajasthan who holds 22 ‘World Records’ including the ‘World Record for most 786 currency notes’.Mr. Vinay has the hobby of ‘making a collection’ since childhood, at the age of 11 he started collecting postal stamps, he used to search for postal stamps even in the garbage, as he grew 15 the hobby of collecting ‘Currency Notes’ got added to his list of hobbies and from there he started collecting currency notes with ‘786’ serial number.Mr. Vinay has around 1 lakh currency notes with ‘786’ serial number, ‘786’ is considered as a holy and lucky number according to Islamic belief and it’s a matter of pride for India that he has beaten the records of record holder from the Islamic nations like Dubai, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to clinch the World Record in the name of India.Mr. Vinay told Udaipurbeats that he used to spend all his savings for collecting the currency because of this he faced strong opposition from his family members but he kept his struggle and didn’t back out, for the collection he used to search for notes in his earnings, in banks, from shopkeepers, and friends, his passion for the collection was such that once he searched for a rare one rupee note and his friend told him that the note he is searching lies with a man in England after knowing this he searched out the person and bought the note for Rs 27000, this 1 Rs note is his most expensive note. Mr. Vinay emphasized that the motive behind making the biggest collection of ‘786’ currency notes was spreading the message of religious harmony, a message to respect all faiths.

Apart from ‘786’ Mr. Vinay holds the ‘World Record’ for most number of ‘Fancy Number’ notes and ‘Defective’ notes.Fancy number notes are the currency notes with the special number in series such as 11111,2222 and so on, he has this series set for every note right from 1Rs to 2000Rs.Defective notes are the notes with missing signatures, wrong signatures, misprint, wrongly cut etc, Mr. Vinay has defective notes with some really absurd errors like missing Indian flag, wrong governor signature, absurdly shaped notes.He also has special coins such as 150 Rs coin,1000 Rs Coin issued by RBI on special occasions.

Mr. Vinay has all the notes right from the British era to the present, you can find 1 rs note of before independence and after independence and same for all the notes which are launched by the government of India, he has a beautiful gallery inside his residence with the walls beautifully studded with his achievements, it looks exactly like a museum though it’s not open for public but he intends to open up a museum for local public and tourists . Mr.pays the tax for all the money he has in his collection.

One interesting thing about him is he has Currency Notes matching almost all Date of Births and he has this habit of gifting the notes matching the date of birth duly framed in a glass frame to well-known personalities.He has presented the DOB notes to Rajasthan hon.CM Vasundhara Raje, Shri Birju Maharaj, Mallika Sarabhai, Shri Arvind Singh ji, Shri Lakshyaraj Singh ji, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, and many others.He has till now gifted 250 ‘date of Birth’ Notes.

The records of Mr. Vinay Bhanawat is registered with different reputed organisations of the world such as Unique world records, Everest World Records, Limca Book of Records, Elite World Records, and many others.The director of ‘Unique World Record’ was so impressed with Mr. Vinay that he made him the ‘Chief Adjudicator’ of West zone, India which means he has a role to decide on a record to be listed on ‘Unique World Records’ from west zone, Due to the huge amount of currency collection Mr. Vinay is also known as ‘Currency Man’.

There are also some concerns of Mr. Vinay as he got invited to other states like Pondicherry and Himachal Pradesh and honored for his achievement but till now the government of his own state Rajasthan is yet to provide him any kind of honor, he also wants government to think about the currency record holder when they take any decision like note-ban as the currency record holders will lose the records if they deposit the banned note so he wants a separate provisions made for the people like him.He has a much valid concern and government should give it a thought.

There is lot to learn from Mr. Vinay Bhanawat who is so much dedicated towards his passion where people just run after the money to have worldly pleasures he sacrificed the lakhs of money just for his passion.Udaipur is proud to have a passionate person like him

Watch the video Below the have a glimpse of his treasure: