10 Things that say ‘you are a True Udaipur Lover’

Living in Udaipur and not falling in love with this city is inevitable.There are many colors of the city that makes you an Udaipur lover.Here’s the list of things which you do that makes you a true Udaipur lover

1.East or west Udaipur is the best


You keep bragging about the fact in front of your friends and relatives that Udaipur is the best city and you are very good at proving this fact.

2.Udaipur, the final destination

No matter where you work and how much you earn you have this perpetual desire to come back and settle in Udaipur in spite, there are no great job opportunities still you keep this option in the list.

3.Hey!look, my city

movies shot in udaipur

A glimpse of Udaipur or it’s mention in a movie or serial just delights you and you can’t stop saying “look my city”

4.It’s not desert, Grrrrrr!


When someone says Rajasthan is whole hot desert and rural it badly annoys you and you then give an ornamented description of Udaipur.

5.Udaipur se ho?

It triggers extreme delight in you when you hear someone talking in Mewari outside Rajasthan and you are tempted to ask “Udaipur se ho?”

6.From the accent, you can spot an Udaipurite.

The use of ‘vaa’ as a conjunction between sentences and the shallow pronounced Hindi is enough for you to spot an Udaipurite and it sounds so good on a foreign land.

7.You never get bored going to Fatehsagar everyday



Fatehsagar is like a second home.You can go to Fateh Sagar every day and you never get bored of it.You still consider that there is no other place like Fatehsagar at least in India.

8. Want Groom settled in Udaipur

The bond with the Udaipur is such that you don’t want to leave Udaipur even after you get marry and getting a groom settled in Udaipur is the most desired wish of a girl.

9.You badly miss Udaipur being in another city

If you happen to stay in other cities for the job or any other reason then you badly miss Udaipur thanks to its beauty, food, people and calm lifestyle.

10.That proud moment

Mostly when people ask about your city and most times you get to hear “wow Udaipur is a very beautiful city”, this makes you feel proud and fortunate to be connected to the city

11.Proud Udaipurite

No matter you have roots in other places but have settled in Udaipur, you take pride in calling yourself a Udaipurite and likely to live here forever.


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