Pratap Gaurav Kendra Udaipur, A superb destination to confront Mewar History

Pratap Gaurav Kendra Rashtriya Teerth is a recently developed attraction in Udaipur built in the honor of  the great warrior of Mewad ‘Maharan Pratap’. The place has the World’s largest Metal statue of the brave ‘Maharana Pratap’ sitting atop a hill, the statue is 57 feet tall, weighs 40000 Kilograms, and made of an alloy of eight metals.There is a steep artificial waterfall being made for the water to flow down from the ‘Maharana Pratap’s statue foot’. The area with the statue is still under construction so you cannot enter it but can have a superb view of the statue from the point just in front of it where entry is allowed.All the shows and museums are in the complex just opposite to the giant statue. In all the shows ‘Hindi’ language is used, for foreigners and tourists who can’t understand Hindi there is translator headphones facility available.

Pratap Gaurav Kendra

Giant Maharan Pratap Statue with provision for Waterfall.


Pratap Gaurav Kendra Statue

57 feet Giant Statue at Pratap Gaurav Kendra,weighing 4000 Kg.

What to see in Pratap Gaurav Kendra

(Read Whole article and watch video for Details)

1.Exhibition of Life size statues of the brave Mewar Warriors and the history associated.

2.Documentary on Mewar History

3.Haldighati Vijay Yudh Dirgha

4.Live Robotics Show(Major attraction, read and watch video below)

5.Bharat Darshan Dirgha(light and sound)

6.Bharat Mata Mandir

As soon as you enter you see a photography zone where you can pose as a Mewar Warrior after that you are guided to the ‘Haldighati Vijay Yudh Dirgha’ for the 10 minutes  briefing of the fierce ‘Haldighati’ war. You are taken to a hall which is given the ambience of ‘Haldighati’, the walls are given the texture of the ‘Haldighati’, there are all the main scenes  of the war being portrayed in the form of 3D models and they look so lively that the fierce war scene get reproduced in front of your eyes. One instructor illustrates you the scenes one by one.

Pratap Gaurav Kendra

Photography Zone

pratap gaurav kendra udaipur

Img src

After this show you are guided for the ‘Robotics’ show and this is the main highlight of the ‘Pratap Gaurav Kendra’. The whole complex is spread over a big area so you have to walk through the stairs to reach various halls and theaters to see the show. While walking  you will see the giant statues of the brave personalities of Mewar history with the name, year and description.

Pratap Gaurav Kendra Udaipur

Life size statue of Rana Punja

After a little walk you reach to see the ‘Robotics’ show, the show is known robotics as it has the character models of history with moving parts like a robot and the show takes place in the dark and various instances of history like the padmavati, hada rani, panna dhai sacrifice etc are shown with sound, lighting and movements of the character. The rich history is so beautifully portrayed and it looks intriguing like a movie. The movements in the scenes are just superb be it balbir killing ‘Chandan’ or hada rani self beheading and handing over her head.There are around 9 different rooms in which you are taken for the ‘Robotics ‘ show.

Pratap Gaurav Kendra Udaipur

Robotics Show,Src-Pratapgauravkendra Youtube

Next you are guided for the 18 minutes ‘Bharat Darshan’ through light and sound show and it is again a spectacular show, this show makes you thorough about the ancient India, temples, and rivers. The show takes place in the dark and the small temple models, rivers and oceans are placed on a huge engraved Indian Map. The lights switches its position according to the audio on different temples, oceans, directions etc, the rivers are depicted as a stream of white led’s which looks mesmerizing.

Haldighat War Rana Pratap attacks Man Singh

Metal Statue at Pratap Gaurav Kendra Depicting Rana Pratap’s attack on Man Singh.

After this show you are guided to the museum which has the statues of our freedom fighters and the whole description of Mewar History.At last you are guided to the ‘Bharat Mata’ temple, which you reach by climbing some stairs, which is also the highest point in the whole campus. In the temple there is a giant statue of ‘Bharat Mata’(India as goddess)The view from this point is superb, from here you can have a beautiful view of the city, the great mountains, and the giant ‘Maharan Pratap’ statue right in the front.

Tickets at Pratap Gaurav Kendra


1.Charges per person (>12 year)=INR 150

children(0-4 year)=Free entry

children(5-12 year)=INR 75


2.Charges per individual=INR 500

children (0-4 year)=Free

children(5-12 year)=INR 250

Note- Foreigners also get headphones for translation as the shows takes place in Hindi, headphone charges are included.

Student tour

For school tour per student and staff(Nursery to 12th) charge is Rs 50

For college tour per student charge is Rs 75

Timings at Pratap Gaurav Kendra

Pratap Gaurav Kendra remains open all days for visitors from 9:30 am to 6:00 Pm

Since this site acknowledges the contribution of all the patriotic contributors of India, this place is termed as ‘Rashtriya Teerth'(National Pilgrimage). Every Indian or non Indian must visit this place to confront the great history of Mewar, the history is compiled in the best way possible.

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