Garadia Mahadev-The Rajasthan Tourism ad location that stunned everyone

Garadia Mahadev, Kota was only a secluded shrine for the locals to visit until it got featured in the new innovative series of Rajasthan Tourism advertisement and became the most popular ‘Rajasthan Tourism ad location’.The place is located near NH 76 (details at last) it  feels astounding once you reach there as it gives an unimaginable view of the chambal river, you see the chambal river cutting through the two steep, rocky cliffs(gorge) partially covered in green and rest in rocky texture.There are ‘curves’ in the gorge which makes it ‘S’ shaped and thus makes it a mesmerizing  beauty to watch.

Garadia Mahadev,rajasthan tourism ad location

You reach the temple by climbing down the rocks and stairs.You get a wonderful view of the gorge after reaching the temple with lord shiva idol, there is a ‘Gomukh'(artificial cow’s head) with water continuously flowing through its mouth, it is said that the water flows from the ‘Gomukh’ continuously and never ceases to flow.Apart from the natural beauty you will also meet monkeys in large number so keep your belongings safe.

Garadia Mahadev kota

steep rocky path to the temple beneath


Shiv temple garadia mahadev

Shivalinga at Garadia Mahadev temple


Gomukh at Garadia Mahadev

‘Gomukh’ from which water flows continuously.


Rajasthan Tourism ad location

Amazing view from the Garadia Mahadev temple(below)

You can watch the Rajasthan tourism advertise below which revealed this gem to the world, in the ad two foreign tourists follows a young lad dressed as ‘blue skinned saint’ on cycles, the young lad guides them through the jungle, steep slopes, and rocky path to show them the final location and both the tourists gets flabbergasted on confronting the unrivaled beauty of the place which to them was an unseen glimpse of ‘Rajasthan’. The ad ends with ‘Jane ko Rajasthan kuch aisa dikha’-Janesthan(This is how Jane saw the Rajasthan-Janesthan) and a beautiful Rajasthani track runs throughout the advertisement.

How to reach Garadia Mahadev

Garadia Mahadev is just 22 Km from Kota, you can hire a private taxi or take a public transport bus going towards Dabi, Chittaurgarh, Bijolia or Bhilwara. You will get buses from Nayapura, you have to get down at Khadipur and there you will find a board of ‘Garadia Mahadev’ just follow the road and stop at one entrance gate that you encounter which is the forest office.You will have to get the tickets from here, the actual spot is around 1.5 kms from here, the ticket charges are too high, for car the charge is INR 250 so if you can walk some distance then park your car at the gate only and walk down to the final point.It’s a single road through dry, not so dense jungle with no predators 🙂

If you have personal taxi or vehicle then adopt this route Kota-Rawatbhata Road-Hanging Bridge-Garadia. You will have the pleasure of witnessing the Rajasthan’s first hanging bridge, the bridge is spectacular and great for photography.We were fortunate to witness Sunset at the Hanging Bridge,Kota.

Hanging Bridge Kota

Sunset at Hanging Bridge Kota

Must Watch the Glimpses of Garadia Mahadev in the video below

Refer to the Map below, for route click

Tickets and Timings Garadia Mahadev

The ticket per individual is INR 75, Charges for car-INR 250, Charges for two wheeler-INR 30

The timings to enter and exit is 9 am to 6pm. You will need to exit at 6pm

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Garadia Mahadev is ‘Monsoon’ and post Monsoon(July-October) as you will find lush greenery and Waterfalls all around.

Things to carry

You must carry food and snacks with you as there you won’t get anything except water.On the highway there is a small dhaba opposite to your side where the ‘Garadia Mahadev’ board is placed, we forgot to take anything to eat so that dhaba is the last resort, they prepare good ‘bhajiye’ and you can get biscuits, namkeen, and delicious cream rolls.


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