Saroj Sisodia becomes the first Udaipurite to be on KBC hot seat

In a long-overdue finally, someone from Udaipur has made her way to the most popular show of Indian television Kaun Banega Crorepati and this honor belongs to Mrs. Saroj Sisodia(Bhati) from Udaipur. Mrs. Saroj got selected among 3 crore people out of which she made her way to 130 and finally to 10 lucky contestants. The KBC episode telecasted yesterday 20 August 2019 had Saroj ji dressed in the traditional ‘Red Rajputi Paushak’ among the ‘fastest finger first’ contestants. She cleared the fastest finger round and made it to the hot seat, she just faced 2 questions and won 2000, In today’s episode(9 pm) she would be playing again. Mrs.Saroj is a teacher in St. Anthony school, she is basically from Bhilwara district and got married to Mr. Mahendra Singh Bhati in Udaipur. Read her interesting journey to the hot seat below

Her Journey to the hot seat

  1. First Chance-In yesterday’s telecast there was the rollover contestant Chitrarekha Rathore from Raipur, who quit the show taking 6,40,000, this presented the first chance to Mrs. Saroj in fastest finger first round, in this round of fastest finger first the question was about arranging the musical notes ‘Ga, Pa, Dha, Ma’ in ascending order, Saroj was able to give correct answer but nearly lost the opportunity to Vivek Bhagat.

2. Lucky Second Chance- Vivek Bhagat could not get so far in the game and tumbled down to Just 10,000 with an incorrect wild guess, this presented the golden second opportunity to Saroj.

In this round of fastest finger below question was asked:

and BINGO! this time she did it!

Her interaction with Mr. Bachhan

And then comes the hot seat

Mrs. Saroj was accompanied by her husband Mr. Mahendra Singh Bhati.She played till the 2000 rupee question and the buzzer buzzed, today her episode will be telecasted again, we wish her all the best and come back with at least a ‘Crore’ 🙂