This 3 storeyed house in Udaipur is built on a Mango tree with all branches intact

mango treehouse udaipur

Recently New Delhi is in the news where 14031 trees have been proposed to lay down for making concrete structures and this is a common phenomenon worldwide, trees are cut for making the homes for humans, what if we make our homes on trees and live with the nature in harmony, the exact same idea popped in the mind of Mr. KP singh when he heard about a property owner selling a plot of land from his property and wanted to cut trees on the particular land. He persuaded the property owner by suggesting him the idea of making the house on the tree, he bought the land from the property owner with the trees and built his dream abode on a 65-year-old mango tree.Mr. K.P. Singh is a civil engineer, currently pursuing his own business.

kp singh tree house

Mr. KP Singh, Owner of the house

“This place used to be called Kunjaro ki baadi and area around used to have around 4000 trees which slowly reduced in the desire of residential property, a property owner of the 40 hectare land was cutting the trees for the purpose of residential plots, I told him not to cut the trees, he said if we don’t cut then we need to relocate the trees and the cost of relocation was 20 Lakhs, I didn’t have this much amount then, I suggested him ‘can’t we make house on  a tree’ to which he reacted ‘you can only make a  small machan for kids on a tree, a house can’t be built on a tree’

I said ‘I can make a residential house on the tree’ he said ‘if you can really make a proper house on a tree then go ahead and show it to me’, from there it all started, In the millennium year I completed this house and we celebrated the new year party in this house with friends”– Mr. K.P. Singh

Mr. Singh’s Treehouse is really a wonder, as we climb the stairs we just fall in the awe of the beauty of the house, as no branch of the tree is cut, you encounter the thick branches passing through the rooms, washrooms etc, the first floor of the house has bathroom and the kitchen, to reach to the kitchen you need to climb across a thick branch,  just as you reach the second floor there is a small room which has a collection of books kept on an elevated area, there are cushions and windows just nearby, ideally a dream space for book lovers, the open balcony on the second floor has a refrigerator, and an amazing cozy bed made on the tree branches.

mango treehouse udaipur

View of the first floor

mango treehouse udaipur

kitchen on the first floor

treehouse in Udaipur

Library on the second floor

The third floor brings you to a mesmerizing room which has transparent glass on the top periphery and a steel ceiling chamber which opens up by a handle bringing you directly under the tree and open sky. There are sitouts in the balconies where you can relish the greenery all around.

treehous on mango tree udaipur

Mesmerising chamber which opens up from the top

The sitouts to chill on the balcony of the third floor

Climbing on stairs feels amazing as you are 40 feet on a tree vertically through stairs. The most astounding place is the terrace of the house, you find yourself under the tree, the top and the sides are all covered with the branches and the leaves, the chirping of the birds and the sound of the air is so clearly audible.(watch video with earphones)

Some Amazing features of this house are:

  1. The house is 9 feet above the ground and rises 40 feet high
  2. The entire house is supported on the tree’s trunk which is 1.5 feet in diameter
  3. Not a single branch is cut in the construction of the house
  4. The house is made up of Cellulose, fibre, and steel
  5. The house has all the amenities like kitchen, bathroom with shower, washbasin, refrigerator, dining table, beds, water and electricity fitting etc.
  6. The house can withstand the load of approximately 150 people.
  7. The house is listed in Limca Book of Records
  8. This the only house of its kind in the entire world

Take the quick tour of the whole treehouse in this Video

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The house has been engineered fantastically as it can withstand the pressure of strong winds, the house is given the round shape for the efficient aerodynamics, the thick and thin branches are tied together with ropes to transfer the force in the event of the branch movement.

“Whatever we take, we need to give back to nature” says Mr. Singh. This concept should be embraced by the world so that the trees don’t get slaughter for our accommodation and the bigger problems like global warming can be dealt efficiently. Many of you must have the desire to own a house like this, you can too make an abode like this, only thing which is required is the love for nature, so make a move and save our precious trees.

How to reach

The house is located in Chitrakut Nagar, Udaipur, you just need to take the road going left from the PF office and go straight, this will lead you to this amazing abode.

Here’s the Map to the treehouse

You can just have a look at the whole tree house just from outside as public is not allowed to enter the tree house due to damage and stealing happened in the house in the past.However you might obtain prior permission from the owner to have an inside look in the house.


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