Some Udaipurites came into action and cleaned up the Badi Hill mess,KUDOS!

popular badi hill point

Udaipur city is bestowed with mesmerizing natural beauty and it puts a greater responsibility on us, the residents of the city to take care of this beauty, but recently a very disappointing act came into the light-On 5th June, a youth group came to the famous hilltop at Badi Lake and spray painted few rocks with messages that spoilt the beauty.

Photo Posted by Himanshu Porwal

The photos were highlighted on social media website Instagram by Himanshu Porwal, and further highlighted by Udaipurblog and in 2 days, writer, poet, and voice-over artist Devika Sisodia initiated a drive to clean the mess. Through the support of various social handles, around 20 people formed a group and went today with thinner, clothes, scrubbers and surface cleaner and cleaned the painted rocks. It was through the help of Gazal Jain, Saurabh Patwari, Aayush Devpura, Sanjit Chohan, Shubham Kothari, Shubham Dangi, Shubham, Himanshu, Parth, and many others who revamped the place.

And these group of volunteers did an excellent job, have a look!

badi hill

These guys did a commendable job and we need more like these, if you want to make such contributions to our beautiful city then you can use the hash tag #CleanTheMessUp to highlight places that need cleaning which can be done easily by the contribution of youth. It is a drive to bring awareness amongst people to be responsible and be the change makers to make Udaipur actually a smart city. Let’s act and bring the change.