Facts about Rana Sanga that make him the most powerful King of Mewar

Rajasthan is the land of kings and the Mewar province of Rajasthan produced the bravest rulers who proved their mettle from time to time. Rana Sangram Singh was one such ruler in the Sisodia clan of Rajput rulers of Mewar, there have been great warriors in the Sisodia clan of Mewar, Rana Kumbha, Maharana Pratap, Udai Singh1 to name a few. Today is the 537th birth anniversary of this great ruler, let’s remember the valor and courage of the most powerful Mewar King, below are the facts about Rana Sangram Singh which proves his valor, courage, and strong administration.

  1. Rana Sanga was one of the most courageous and wise kings, he had lost his one hand and an eye, had one leg dysfunctional, and bears 80 wounds on the body but despite such casualties, he used the fight the battles with the agility as good as the fittest warriors.
  1. United Rajputs-Rana Sanga expanded his territories through war and diplomacy, he united the Rajput clan warriors after 300 years which made it possible to defeat the Mughal emperors. He wanted to establish a Hindu empire.
  2. Battle of Khatoli-The battle of Khatoli was fought against mughal emperor Ibrahim Lodhi in 1518, in this battle lodhi’s army fled the battleground after fighting for 5 hours, it was in this battle Rana Sanga lost his one arm and got his one leg dysfunctional resulting from an arrow that struck the leg, he lost his eye at a young age while fighting with his brothers.
  3. Battle of Khanwa– Rana Sanga decided to expel Babur from India for this he got support from the Rajput kingdom of Rajasthan, he also got the support of Muslim Rajputs of mewat, and afghans under Mahmud lodhi, these combined forces attacked Babur. This was the second most fierce battle of that era after the battle of Panipat, Rana Sanga and his forces displayed exemplary bravery while fighting but had to lose,
  4. The state of Rana Sanga was surrounded by Mughal emperors of 3 states namely Delhi, Gujrat, and Malwa. All the three Mughal emperors namely Sikander Lodhi, Mehmood Shah Begda, and Nasiruddin Khilji made a combined attack on Rana Sanga but even then Rana Sanga defeated the combined army.
  5. Rana Sanga died in 1928, his own chiefs poisoned him as they didn’t want him to pursue battle against the Mughals.

Every one of us should know about the heroes from the past,we bow to their bravery and courage.