15 Reasons to fall in love with Udaipur

Udaipur is a beautiful city situated in the land of royals, Rajasthan. The city is also known as the city of lakes and is a major tourist attraction. The city is blessed with such Unmistakable charm that whoever witnesses falls in love with the city be it tourists or the residents. Here are some compelling reasons to fall in love with Udaipur.

1.The Vibrant Rajasthani Culture 

rajasthani culture

Udaipur is a city but you will get to see glimpses of colorful Rajasthani culture in the form of dance,  language, and food.You will see women dressed in bright colorful sarees or Rajputi dress(paushak). There are selected places like Bagore ki haveli and Shilpgram where Rajasthani cultural performances are organized.The cultural touch will mesmerize you.

2.The awesome local residents

The people of Udaipur are extremely polite, kind and loving. You are sure to get any kind of help when asked for. If google stops working you can always ask directions to the locals they will guide you with the best option.We greet our guests by saying  “Padharo sa”(you are welcome).

3.The FS, DT and Ambrai ghat

All it takes to unwind is reaching to the lakeshores. The FS and DT are the short forms for Fatehsagar and Dhudh Talai used by the youngsters. These places are the most common meeting points of friends.You might be hell tired but after reaching to the beautiful lakeshores one gets rejuvenated instantly be it DT(Doodh Talai), Ambarai ghat or FS(fatehsagar) all have their own spell cast on the visitors. Sitting at the Ambrai ghat in solace glaring at the illuminated trail of the royal palace and hotels or sitting at Fatehsagar pal gossiping with the pals while sipping kullad coffee with the whole panoramic Lakeview ahead is a pure bliss. You might find music lovers equipped with guitars and banjo performing to add to the pleasure.

and yes! there is no other place like Fatehsagar atleast in India 🙂

4.The Land of Bravehearts and royal legacy

moti magri

Rajasthan is the land of royal rulers and Udaipur will definitely make you feel this royalty. The city palace and the museum inside recite the tales of the brave warriors of the Mewad , one of the greatest warriors is the Maharana Pratap whose valor still fascinates and makes one proud. The architectural magnificence of the Sajjangarh and Kumbhalgarh will leave you in awe. We have our great king Arvind Singh Ji Mewad and his royal family who owns the royal City Palace and still has it as their residence.

5.The Ultimate multiregional food.

street food udaipur

It is Rajasthan but don’t expect Daal-Baati everywhere, you ll get Gujraati dabeli, khakhra, faafda, and dhokla , South Indian dosa, idli, sambhar, and uttapam , Indori Poha Jalebi , Bombay Wada Paav ,and Paav Bhaji all with their original taste intact.

6.The Daal Baati Churma

The local food is just too tempting.The rich spicy Rajasthani food  will tempt you  and you won’t even mind ditching your diet plan .The Daal Baati, Makka Dhokla,makka paapdi,Raabdi,besan gatta,makka roti,pachkuta sabji all make a great regional food with a distinct taste.The pleasure of consuming these foods multiplies in winters.One should definitely try this Rajasthani authentic taste on a visit to Udaipur.

7.Admiring beauty from the top

You don’t need a glider or chopper to glance at the unrivaled beauty of the city from the top, a two-wheeler will suffice.There are multiple spots like Sajjangarh fort, Neemach mata, Moti, Karnimata Magri which let you glance at the city from the top.It’s a treat to watch the city from the top especially in monsoon and dark hours. You see the lakes with sparkling water, lush green Aravali ranges with embedded clouds, the population houses and the attractive skyline ,after it gets dark you see thousands of scintillating lights and illuminated forts and this whole view will bewitch you  for sure.

8.Favorite Bollywood destination

ramleela udaipur scene

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Udaipur is one of the favorite destination of not only Bollywood but Hollywood too. be it Dhamaal, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Raamleela and many more .the beauty of the city keep attracting the filmmakers and we take a sense of pride whenever our city features in any movie.Stars and crew both national and international frequently visit the city.

9.Moderate climate

No excessive fog, no excessive cold, no excess rains, No excessive heat, no pollution at all which makes the climate soothing and bearable.you will love the climate whichever climate you visit the place.

10.cool simple lifestyle

It’s a cool simple lifestyle, No hurry of catching the train, No long traffic queues, No late night clubbing everything is so calm.You cannot give an excuse of traffic in your office because everything is under the radius of 10 kms with no traffic woes.

11.The Heavenly Monsoon

bageri ka naka udaipur

The monsoon turns Udaipur into a heaven and plays a crucial role in imparting beauty and life to the city.Monsoon is the most loved season and every view in the monsoon is just spectacular with the lakes overflowing, greenery all around, the palaces looks strikingly beautiful through the mist. The plenty of beautiful waterfalls and dams under the radius of 30 kms  offers various option to picnic.There are so many picnic spots in and around Udaipur so during monsoon you can try different spots on every weekend and the list will never exhaust. The road trips come so handily it doesn’t require that much of planning.You will be greeted with waterfalls, greenery and mountain ranges with clouds floating in almost every direction of the city.

12.The ecstatic Festivals and fairs

There are traditional  festivals like Gangaur,Makar Sakranti which are celebrated with great joy, watching gangaur celebration at gangaur ghat or playing satoliya(pithoo) on makar sankaranti is an exhilarating experience.The Hariyali Amavas fair in held in monsoon maintains the traditional fair theme and is an amazing experience in the era of modern concerts.

13.The Smart City

Udaipur is among 20 cities selected under ‘Smart City Mission’ of PM Narendra Modi. The ‘Smart city mission’ focusses on the overall development of the city be it infrastructure, environmental, technology and social

14. Udaipur is safe

Udaipur is a safe city with almost negligible crime rates and other anti-social happenings thanks to the geography and administration.You can roam around fearlessly, the city has the proactive local police and special women patrol police for the safety of women.

15.Aapni Mewadi

Conversing in Mewadi makes an Udaipurite feel so homely and rooted.Mewadi is the local dialect of Udaipur and sounds so polite, some phrases like “ate birajo sa”(sit here), “bhojan jeemo” (have food) adds to the guest’s kind hospitality.Udaipurites who work in other states badly miss speaking in Mewadi or listening to it.

16.International Tourist Destination

Udaipur is an international tourist destination.In 2009  Udaipur was declared world’s best city in a poll by ‘Travel and Leisure’ magazine.  The city see tourists from all over the world. It also gives a chance to interact with the people from different countries and exchange ideas.You can just take a walk and strike a conversation with the tourists.

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