Know the difference between Marwar and Mewar

Marwar and Mewar sound similar right! Many of the Non-Rajasthanis treats them synonymous and many are baffled with these parts of Rajasthan but the fact is both the Marwar and Mewar region of Rajasthan have significant differences in the geography, culture, lifestyle, and food.

We will clear up all your confusion and tell you the difference between Marwar and Mewar


Marwar region is one of the nine regions of Rajasthan which lies to the southwestern Rajasthan. Marwar or Marwad is formed from word ‘Maru’ which means desert in Sanskrit and ‘Wad’ which means a specific area. In English ‘Marvar’ can be translated as ‘Region of Desert’.Marwar includes the districts of Barmer, Jalore, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Pali and parts of Sikar(refer map)


Mewar region lies between the Aravalli Mountain in the south-central Rajasthan state. It includes the present-day districts of Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Udaipur, Pirawa Tehsil of Jhalawar District of Rajasthan, Neemuch and Mandsaur of Madhya Pradesh and some parts of Gujarat(Refer Map).

There is a significant difference between both the Marwar and Mewar region, let’s see the differences in detail on various parameters like geography, demography and behaviour, food, language, festivals and customs.


Marwar and Mewar are the subregions of the Rajasthan state of India. Rajasthan State is divided into nine subregions which are Ajmer, Dhundar, Gorwar, Hadoti, Marwar, Mewad, Mewat, Shekhawati, and Vagad. Here’s the Map of Rajasthan with subregion divisions for better understanding. Mewar has Mountain ranges, many lakes, rivers, greenery whereas Marwar is a lot dry region with mostly the sand.

subregions of Rajasthan Map


There is a difference in the food, the taste of the food and food habits in Marwar varies from Mewar. The cuisines in a Marwari thali reflects their origin from a region with the scarcity of water, In Marwar, the food consumed is mostly pure vegetarian unlike the Mewar where there is the influence of Rajput food influence which has non-vegetarian cuisines  like  Lal Maans(red meat), shikaar( Wild Boar/Pork), Khargoash ghosht (rabbit meat) etc. However, you will find a significant population of pure vegetarians in Mewar too. In Marwari thali(platter) you would find mostly dry curries, unlike the Mewar where most prefer liquid curry. It is interesting to note that they sun dry many things for making curry, they make full use of the mango where, the pulp is consumed, and the peel and the seed are utilized to make the curry and they taste amazing.

Marwari food

Left-Mango Seed Curry, Right-Mango Peel Curry

Marwaris prefer more varieties of cuisines on their plate, they have multiple types of chutneys, papad, multiple varieties of curry, sweet etc whereas in Mewar you won’t find many varieties.



There is no official language of Rajasthan but there are dialects, likewise, Mewar has Mewari and Marwar has Marwari as dialects, both Marwari and Mewari are a variation of Hindi language only, both are different but not significantly. Rajasthani includes all the dialects spoken in Rajasthan like Marwari, Mewari, Shekhawati, Wagdi, Bagdi etc so next time when you ask someone to speak Rajasthani language it could be anyone from the above mentioned.


4. Festivals and Customs

The festivals in Mewar and the Marwar are almost the same but certain customs and processions differ.


5.Demography and Behaviour

The people in Marwar regions are business minded and naturally, they have an emphasis on making their son a businessman, the emphasis on education is less as compared to Mewar. Since the years Marwaris migrated to the distant place like Assam, Bengal, UP, Bihar and now they are in every corner of India and the world for business, unlike the Mewaris who prefer to work in their hometown and don’t prefer to migrate, however now many from Mewar are migrating but it is generally for the job.

There is also a saying in Mewar- “Gehu Chhod Ke Makki Khana, Mewar Chhod Ke kahi Na Jana”(Leave Wheat and eat Maize but don’t go anywhere leaving the Mewar)


Marwari and Mewari People

Marwari is a synonymous term for the business community from the Marwar region, anyone belonging to the Marwar region will also be termed as Marwari irrespective of the fact that he belongs to the business community or not similarly person from Mewar is termed as Mewari.


There have been great business tycoons from Marwar, some richest Marwari businessman are Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Kishore Biyani, Ajay Piramal and Rahul Bajaj. Even the new generation isn’t behind, all the Bansals and Aggarwals/Agrawals have been the founder of almost all major online startups in India. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal- Flipkart, Mukesh Bansal-CEO Myntra, Rohit Bansal-Snapdeal, Dinesh Aggarwal-Indiamart to name a few.

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