Girija ji & Gulab ji head to head after 33 years, Last time it was in 1985

It’s election time in Rajasthan and we have two major political parties BJP and Congress battling it out for the crown, both the parties have appointed their strongest candidates for the final battle, in Udaipur, parties showed their faith in the senior most veteran leaders and this time the two BJP and Congress veterans Gujab Chandra Kataria and Girija Vyas are head to head after 33 years. Last time the two leaders faced each other in the 1985 Udaipur assembly elections, in that election, it was a close contest in which Girija Vyas won by 1,121 votes.Girija ji and Gulab ji received 28,828 & 27,707 votes respectively(src). Gulab Chandra Kataria got his stronghold in last three elections in Udaipur, he won back to back three assembly election from the year 2003 to 2013

Since BJP declared its candidate first in the form of Gulab Chandra Katariya it became mandatory for the Congress to declare a strong candidate equal in stature and Dr Girija Vyas was the undisputed choice. It is interesting to see who will win this election as there are ‘other'(nirdaliya) party candidates also fighting it out and most likely to disrupt the calculations.