A Government School has been named after the martyr ‘Lt.Abhinav Nagori’ from Udaipur

Today(27th march 2017) is the 2nd remembrance day of Lieutinent Abhinav Nagori, two years ago on this day this young boy from Udaipur got martyred in an Unfortunate plane crash off the Goa coast. Lt.Abhinav Nagori got into the Indian Navy in 2012, Abhinav held a degree of Engineering from SBJ institute of technology and in the college only he got an opportunity to get into ‘The Indian Navy’ through SSB recruitment.

In a great move to give the due honor to the Martyr, Government Senior Secondary School, Bhuwana in Udaipur is being renamed as ‘Shaheed Lt. Abhinav Nagori Government Senior Secondary School’.”The proposal was proposed in the Bhuwana Gram Sabha by all members including the Sarpanch and then forwarded to state government with Military recommendation” Said Mrs. Sushila Nagori, proud Mother Of Abhinav.

Mrs.Sushila told Udaipurbeats “The young generation should think of contributing to the country, should develop patriotic feeling, More and more youth should opt to serve in the defense services, we shouldn’t fear death as we all have to die one day.There should be army related activities introduced in the schools of at least 1 month duration and made compulsory to develop patriotic feeling and sense of serving nation in the minds of student”.

Naming public places after the Martyr soldiers is a welcome move and the government should encourage this practice, people also needs to be aware to ask for such recognition, locals at Bhuwana sets a perfect example for everyone.

The honor of Martyr Lt. Abhinav Nagori was done today in the Morning at Shaheed Smarak,Townhall and Government Senior Secondary School, Bhuwana.