Padmavati Row-Udaipur Royal member MK Vishwaraj writes to PM demanding Ban

The troubles for the ‘Padmavati’ movie doesn’t seem to be ending, Now one of the royal members of Mewar kingdom, the kingdom to which Rani Padmini belong, MK Vishwaraj Singh ji have come up objecting to the release of the controversial movie, he wrote a letter to the PM Modi and many other dignitaries including the CBFC chief Mr.Prasoon Joshi.In the letter, he has demanded a ban on the release of the movie, he wrote “It is the responsibility of the government to safeguard the history of our country and the dignity of the citizens.It will be tragic ironic if films such as this are permitted to misrepresent and exploit the very character who contributed richly to the heritage of our nation”.

In support of his demand, he stated that the movie has relied upon a poetic imagery ‘Padmawat’ written by a sufi poet Malik Mohd which include the tale of talking and thinking parrot along with the names of real historical person so padmavat cannot be regarded as a historically accurate source.Even after widespread agitation, no reliable and accepted historical source is presented.

He also stated that at this stage the screening before historians doesn’t make any sense, and if any mistake is pointed out there is no way it can be corrected.He also objected upon the popular ‘Ghoomer’ song which garnered huge applauds from the audiences, he pointed that “it’s an artistic and historic fraud to portray an incorrectly attired courtesan-like painted a painted doll in the song as the very “queen” the film purports to pay obeisance to” in simple language he objected to the attires in which the queen was projected, the attires and the dance doesn’t showcase royal Rajput culture.

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He also stated that the film is about his family but the filmmakers didn’t even approach him to take consent or verify the historical facts.he took a dig at the filmmakers saying the present situation is created just to gain free publicity and increasing the movie collection.

The movie is in troubled waters and the film-makers should ensure the accurate portrayal of the historical facts, if the facts are manipulated for entertainment then the movie is sure to face extreme consequences.


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