Udaipur Police Issues ‘Police Helpcard’ for the resident and tourist safety

In the wake of the heinous crime that happened in the city and to enhance law and order Udaipur police introduced ‘Police Helpcard’ and ‘Intezaam Software’, the helpcard has ‘Control Room’, ‘Women Helpline’, ‘Tourist Police Station’ and ‘Whatsapp helpline’ numbers mentioned on it. With WhatsApp helpline number people will be able to express their concern to police conveniently. These cards will be distributed at hotels, railway stations, bus stands and other public places. The WhatsApp helpline number will be automatically messaged to the visitors by the respective telecom companies when they enter the city.

Intezaam Software

‘Intezaam Software’ is another advancement introduced in the police system, the ‘Intezaam’ software is envisioned by Udaipur SP Kunwar Rashtradeep, this software is made by software engineer Manas Trivedi and ASP Paras Jain.This software will ease the communication between the higher police officials and the policemen, earlier it was a time consuming and tedious task to allot duties to the policemen, it was done manually through roll calls which also involved errors too but now through the ‘Intezaam’ software policemen will get updated of their duties, location, and reporting authority through SMS saving a lot of time and hassles.

it’s a much-needed move by Udaipur Police which will definitely help people improving the law and order in the city.