Here’s the reality of alleged construction activity on Mountain near Dewali

NTRO construction on Dewali Mountain

Picture of this construction work circulating on Social media

There has been a picture of some construction activity on Mountain towards Dewali side circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp, in the picture a square patch of dug out land is visible amidst the green forest.People are bashing the administration and government thinking the construction to be of some commercial projects like a resort, many people expressed their rage and objected to such kind of activities which can destroy the beautiful mountain ranges which is the identity of Udaipur but the reality completely differs the allegations and speculations, actually the work activity is done by NTRO(National Technical Research Organisation) , it’s a highly specialised technical intelligence gathering industry, it acts as a super-feeder agency to provide technical intelligence to other agencies on internal and external security.The central government will soon establish an Air Force unit in the nearby village, Varda and for that NTRO has been granted 50 Acres of land by state government in addition to this land the NTRO is also assigned the forest land in Dewali where they will install all the equipment and the machinery needed to track the intelligence information.

A close source told Udaipurbeats that 11 blocks of 8000 sq feet will be made, the base will be made flat with concrete and the whole area will be sealed with wire gauge and boundary, in those blocks equipment and machinery will be installed to track and process intelligence-related information so the square patch that you see is all for this purpose.

construction on Mountain in Dewali

However, this isn’t harming the mountains but the forest might get affected if the plants and trees are removed from the sizeable area, let’s hope that this thing is taken care of, but as it is contributing to the security of the country some consideration can be done.


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